How the Process Works

Once you've signed up and your baby is home just give us a call to set up your days of week service. We will deliver and pick up right from your door twice a week. IE: Mon-Thurs, or Tues-Fri. This keeps you from having to store diapers for a week. No matter how good our deodorizing disks are they can't keep up with a 80 diapers per week. 

What do I do with the dirty diapers

Your clean diapers are delivered in a reusable pail liner. Use this bag to line your hamper. It is not necessary to rinse or wash the diapers or flannel wipes just throw them in the pail (in the liner). Once your baby begins to eat solids, shake off any loose stool in the toilet. Avoid using diapers as burp or wash rags as they could develop mildew growth. 

Services Offered

Currently we only offer our Pre-fold Service however if you would like something special just give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.