1) Starting service is easy, just give us a call at 218-422-6420 and we will get all your information. If you would like an in home demonstration we will be happy to set up an appointment where we come to your house show you how easy it is to use cloth diapers and show you what comes with the our package as well as how to use everything. You can also come to our shop for a demonstration. When you sign up for service we do require an initial payment of $160.00. This covers your first two months of service and all items. You will not receive a bill until your third month of service. Once your routine service begins, our delivery person will provide bi- weekly delivery and pick-up right to your door. You do not need to be home for deliveries. 

2) Just let us know when your due date is and we will deliver your package two weeks prior to your due date so you will have everything on hand and ready to use. When your baby is born let us know and we will start your bi-weekly delivery. If your baby is already here we just need one week notice to get you started. 

3) What you get with your package. All items are to be returned at the end of service.

  • One Planet Wise wet and dry diaper bag
  • 10 Diaper covers 
  • 1 Diaper pail
  • 2 Diaper pail liners rotated Bi-Weekly
  • 1 Planet Wise Wipe Pouch
  • 20 Flannel Wipes Deliverd Bi-Weekly
  • 40 Cloth Diapers Delivered Bi-Weekly 
  • 1 Citrus disk for the the Diaper Pail (1 Per week)