Overloaded Diaper Service is locally owned and operated by Emily and Jason. We have three children all of which attend school in Moorhead MN. 

We are a Husband and Wife team that read an article on the amount of disposable diapers sitting in our landfills waiting another 450 years to decompose. Being environmentally conscious  people we decided to learn a bit more about the cloth diaper industry and how we can make a difference. The more research we did the more we felt we could make a difference by providing this service in the area.  

Already owning a commercial laundry with equipment made for laundering cloth diapers it was time to jump in the dirty end. 

We feel we can provide our cloth diaper service at the same cost or less than new parents can buy disposable diapers.  We are committed to helping the planet one cloth diaper at a time. Our commitment to you is we will provide convient, cost effective diapering solutions for your children in the Fargo/Moorhead region.